Welcome to the aboard of the adventure, which is guiding us into the most dangerous place in the world. This is Texas. You are in the desert, which is hazardous and […]

Earn to Die 2 - Earn the Victory

The End of the world is near. The whole country is infected and the virus doesn’t stop to kill everyone. The one town is the only place, where some survivors […]

Dead zed 4 - Wheel of death

The most awesome and legendary game is back with the new features! The Dead Zed 4 is here and it will definitely blow your mind with the advanced gameplay and […]

Dead Zed 2 - Kill Everyone!

The best developers in the flash gaming world has created a best shooting game last year. Now we can have a lot of amount of fun, because they released a […]

Free running 7 - Jump! now!

Welcome, guys! I’m so excited about the great new game and want to tell you a lot about it. First of all, it’s called a Free running 7 and it […]