Best ever quiz game – Impossible quiz 2

I wanted to write on the great quiz game for a long time already, and finally it s here! I am giving you the review of Impossible quiz 2, which is one of the best and most popular quiz game ever made. I guess some of you have already came up to this nice trivia game on android store or on the website and played it. But, anyway I am gonna write down  some tips and tricks to better enjoy  playing the game.

Idea of impossible quiz game is quit  simple.  There are  around 50 questions with  4 possible answers to choose from.  You have  only  2 chances to answer each  question. If both  options are false you should start from the beginning. My advice to you- Be very careful and do not get easy questions for granted.

Funniest part of the game is the gameplay and  design.  You hardly can  find  quiz game or any other one with such great design and  sound effects. even  though quiz itself is quit hard, playing it is very enjoyable and funny.

Please check  out the reactions of players on this great video and learn how to play it: :)

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