Bouncing balls 2 – Think outside the box

I thought, that was the ordinary game. But, then i was playing it almost a 2 hour and i’m not even regretting it. The reason of this is that. This is the whole new level of fun and entertainment.┬áBouncing balls 2 is a game, which will definitely make you addicted to joy. First of all, this game doesn’t give you a chance to stop. Every round is a literally another dimension to get relaxed and amazed. There you just can’t win without thinking twice before every decision. Every and each move in this game will lead you into the really different way. So, are you ready to take this challenge?

Bouncing balls 2

Bouncing balls 2 is a game about balls and extraordinary roads to bounce them. But, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Because, every map in this game is a different and has so many barricade for you. Like, there is a round, where you have to roll your ball through the invisible walls. Hold on my friends, this isn’t everything. Here you have to think outside the box to win. The reason of this will definitely make you amazed. To do so, you have a three type of paint. Use them carefully.

Bouncing balls 2

The most awesome paint color in┬áBouncing balls 2 is a purple line. The color of this line has the ability to bounce your ball and get it to the finish line a very fast. But, sometimes you need the accuracy more than a speed. So, for that, you have a red paint to draw just an ordinary road for your ball. Also, you can use a green line too. This is very tricky power, so I’ll let you to find out more about it. Are you ready to use your logic and help magic ball to cross the road without a single stop? then let’s play it yourself.

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