Cargo Bridge 2 – Whole new level of fun

Welcome guys, I have a greatest news for you. The most awesome engineering game is back with new stuff. First of all, if you don’t know already, let me tell you about the origins of this game series. Cargo Bridge is a game, where you can build a bridges with your dream design and it’s really awesome. The storyline of this games takes place in the cargo world, where you have to help cargo boys to deliver a cargo. But, it’s not as easy as it seem at the first glance. The reason of this is that, the scenario and location changing after every round.

cargo bridge 2

So, are you interested? Then, let me tell you about this new version. The Cargo Bridge 2 has come out with so many new features. Like, there is a new detail to use while building the bridge. Also, here you will see a advanced background and graphic design. Every texture is modern here and the sound effects are cool too. But, the most important feature in this game is a new maps. Here you have to help cargo boys to deliver stuff, but this cargo isn’t ordinary boxes anymore. You need to be creative and use logic to complete the missions like that.

<cargo bridge 2

First of all, Let’s talk about the new missions. Every round is a new adventure here, because you can’t win with the same design in every round. Also, every time, you need to deliver a different kind of cargo. Like, sometimes your mission is to build a bridge, which will be a strong enough to deliver an Elephant. Or, you need to help cargo boys to deliver a ten or more big box. There are a many other things too. The main job for you is to build with logic and spend money wisely.

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