Chaos Faction 3 – Legendary shooter is back!

Heey guys, wazzap? I have a very good news for my friends. The best shooter game of all time has a new advanced version. It is free to play the Chaos Faction 3, the game which will definitely drive you crazy. This third version has so many new details. There is modern weapons, so many new maps and characters. Also, the developers have created a whole new universe for your battlefield. The snow field, ghost home and many other breathtaking places are waiting for you to fight against the marvelous enemy here.

The storyline of this game takes place in the beautiful arena. Your main mission is to complete the campaign. But, there are so many crazy missions and hazardous task to accomplish. Like, some round requires from you to kill an invisible enemy. Some maps are full of dynamite, so your movement has to be careful. Your main character is a mysterious person. You can change his hat, face details, equipment and handgun. Also, you can choose a one superpower for him. There are super powers like an extra ammo, extra nades and etc. But, the most useful in my opinion is a no recoil function. It gives you a real cool advantage in the fight.

Chaos Faction 3 has an awesome new option for the shooter lovers. It’s called a Custom game and you can choose your favorite game mode with this. Here are five different styles to play, like duck survival. There your main mission is to kill the more duck than your opponent. Also, there is a mode, where you have to kill your enemy to upgrade your weapon. Chaos Faction 3 is full with new guns and extremely awesome explosives. If you like to play in more intense situations, the 1 hit 1 kill mode have to be the first choice for you. So, let’s try it.

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