Chaos Faction – best way to kill a time and everyone!

I wanted some flash game to kill free time and that’s when i found  this cool thing. Chaos Faction is a best way to chill out and keep yourself entertained. In my opinion, this is the most awesome shooter in its genre. The reason of that is simple. Here you can play with so many marvelous characters. Also, there is such an awesome collection of weapons to destroy whatever you want. But, the extremely intense missions of this game will give you so much fun time and enemies to kill.

The main plot of this game is that. You have to participate in the fighting tournament. There is awesome missions to accomplish. Like, you need to destroy the pirate ships with its crew and also fight against the aliens. But, the most funny part is starting after that. When I played this game for the first time, I was shocked. Because, there are so much breathtaking weapons to use. Like a rocket launcher and marvelous explosives. Also, you can change the appearance of your character. This option gives you the opportunity to choose a new face, body, hat and other details. It defines the extra powers of your hero too.

Chaos Faction has three amazing game modes. The first is a Campaign. There you have extraordinary missions to accomplish. If you win a battle in every arena, you’ll get the chance to fight against the Boss. If you defeat him too, the new gun and maps will be unlocked. The next mode is called Deathmatch. It’s literally a bloodbath, where you can choose a playing style, weapons, the number of players and etc. Also, there is the most intense game mode I have ever seen. The survival mode is about to defeat as many enemies as you can. It’s really fun. So, good luck and enjoy.

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