Dead Zed 2 – Kill Everyone!

The best developers in the flash gaming world has created a best shooting game last year. Now we can have a lot of amount of fun, because they released a new version of the Dead Zed 2. It has so many new feature and advanced graphic. But, the most important update in this game is the mission. Your main character is a whole new person with different type of task. Here you can enjoy with a two incredibly interesting major mission and do a side plot twist tasks do. But, to do so, you have to play as a pro player.

Dead Zed 2 walkthrough-min

Obviously, this new game has to be more realistic, but it’s a better in so many other details. First of all, you can play here with a whole new set of weapon arsenal. This marvelous guns will be fun to use during the bloody battle against the zombie army. But, you have to earn it first. To have some rocket launchers and other special weapons, you need to rescue survivors from the infected city. Also, you have other hard mission to accomplish. The killing zombies will be pleasure with this interesting storyline, if you will play hard enough to kill everyone!


By the way, Dead Zed 2 will blow your mind with the sound effects too. The zombie roars and shooting sounds are some piece of art. But, The main difference between the first game and this version is a gameplay. Here you need to use your skills to defend the household. But, also you have to repair it and put some explosives in the yard. So, when you assign a search party and send them in the city, they will come back with new survivors and new guns too. Are you ready to take this challenge and play with others live? Then do it!


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