Dead zed 3 – The last chance to survive

Do you hear the sound of panic? The city is under an attack again. People are dying and are coming back to life. They are monsters, blinded by a hunger. The time is your only resource in this situation. So, the legendary shooting game is back with a more awesome features. Dead zed 3 has the better gameplay and graphics. Also, as you see, the storyline is a darker and full of blood. You have to fight against the zombie army, but also take care of your teammates. Because, your character is a leader of the last survivor group and they need you to live.

Dead zed 3 is the most tricky game i have ever seen. Because, at the first sight, it’s a just shooting game. But, you have to deal with the more intense drama here. The zombie army is rising and has more danger for you. They are smarter and faster, also some of them can survive a five shot. So, you need more than a good aim to complete missions in this new game. To do so, you have to use the survivor team for some tasks. They can bring you a really big presents.

You need to survive the 40 days. Every sunrise is a new challenge, because you are the last hope for the people. So, you have to kill the zombies or they will break in your house. The more zombies reach the home, the more repair will be needed. But, you can’t just spend your time to repair the barricade. You need to assign survivors in groups. Some of them can go into the town and bring you some better weapons. Also, you can use them to help you fight against the zombies. But, to do so, you need to choose the survivors with good shooting skills. Well, play hard enough and you will be rewarded with fun.

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