Dead zed 4 – Wheel of death

The most awesome and legendary game is back with the new features! The Dead Zed 4 is here and it will definitely blow your mind with the advanced gameplay and graphic. But, the most important thing in still here. This new game has the interesting and intense scenario and i’m sure, you have never seen anything more extraordinary like that. First of all, the game mode in this game will blow your mind. The reason of this is that. It is mix of survival and shooting game, but you still have to drive a fastest racing car in the world. How cool is that.


The scenario of the Dead Zed 4 takes place in the hazardous desert in Texas. The whole place is infected with the various viruses, which is turning people into zombies. So, your main character is the only normal human in this area and he needs to get out as fast as he can. Your main mission is to find a vehicle to escape. But, your only chance is the garage, where every car is damaged or out of fuel. Don’t worry, there are tools to update your machine and make it more awesome too. Get ready for the most awesome adventure in your life.


There are three different cars to use. First is the ordinary car with small wheels. Also, there is a military vehicle and fire truck. If you update them correctly, each one of this car can be the best escape car in the universe. To do so, you have to cover more and more distance in every round. With that, you’ll gain the money to buy a new equipment for your vehicle. Like, there is even a machine gun to put on the top. So, are you ready to go through the zombie army with racing car? Then do it!

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