Dead zed – Whole new level of battlefield

The best way to entertain yourself is to lose some energy in a harmless way. I think the shooting games are the perfect example in this case. At least, this new game will change your mood like a roller coaster. The reason of this is simple. The creators of this game have put a lot of effort to make this game a most realistic one. There your main mission is to have fun and kill zombies at the same time. What can be more satisfying than this? To do so, you have a lot of amount of marvelous guns and explosives.


Dead zed will blow your mind with the two main missions. The first and most important one is to defend your house. There are some barricades, but the zombies are trying to destroy your fence. So, you have to kill every living thing, who will try to cross the boarder of your yard. But, you’ll need a good weapons for this job, because there aren’t ordinary zombies here. Unlike the other shooting games, here you have to face a smart and fastest zombies in the flash game universe.


The developers have created a 5 different type of this monsters. Like, there are really big zombies, whose are hard to take down with one shot. Also, you have to aim and shoot fast, because the fast zombies are hard to catch too. In the second mission is really hard. You need to assign and send the search party in the infected city. They can find a survivors or better guns for you. Like, you can get a rocket launcher or the grenades. But, you have a shop too. In exchange of playing time, you can buy an explosives and bombs to blow up your enemy. So, play hard with the big toys and have fun.

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