Douchebag workout 2 – Be awesome

Hey guys, this game is a whole new level of fun. So, let’ talk more about it. The Douchebag workout 2 is a perfect way to kill a time. In this game, we get everything to have fun. Like, there is a cool plot twist, which makes you addicted to finish the game. Also, there is an awesome gameplay and that give you a lot of entertaining time. Above all, Douchebag workout 2 has so many improvements and it’s better than the first game. So, check this out and you will be definitely amazed by this cool stuff.

First of all, this game has a really serious storyline. The scenario is about an one ordinary guy, who has a miserable life. He is ugly, weak and unlucky. But, this man has the most helpful thing, the lot of money. So, your main mission is to help this guy to be a douchebag and good looking person. To do so, you have to work out in the gym and it’s not as easy as it sounds. The game will give you so many different ways to play, but you have to find the right one.

At the start, your character has no social life, so you have to work on that too. The famous person needs a good clothes and other stuff. Like an awesome house and sport car. To get this, you can go into the shop. But, the most important thing is still the body. To gain mass and get muscles, you have little tasks to accomplish. Each one of them will give you a little percent of coolnes. But, this process isn’t easy. You have to control the every move, balance it with eating food and etc. Also, you can buy some medical stuff to improve your workout process. So, have fun and good luck.

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