Earn to Die 2 – Earn the Victory

The End of the world is near. The whole country is infected and the virus doesn’t stop to kill everyone. The one town is the only place, where some survivors made a household to save their life. Your Character is the boss of this house and his job is to keep everyone safe. But, it’s not as easy as it sounds. The zombie army isĀ all around your yard and you need to kill every one of them, who will step in the yard. This is the magnificent game, because it will give you the second and also a tremendous task to complete in the meanwhile. Let me tell you about it.


First of all, the world is collapsing, so you need to find and recue the survivors. But, your main character has to stay in the house to defend it from the zombie army. Instead, you can assign a search party from the people in your house and send them in the city. They can search and find other survivors, also if you are lucky, they will find a new weapons for you. To do so, you need to collect the people with the best skills. If you will do this right, you’ll get so many awesome things. Like, a machine gun and grenade launcher.

Each survivor in your house has a different type of abilities and skills. So, you need to send them in the mission, which is the right task for them. Some survivors are good in finding staff. Others can shoot and they will help you to kill the zombies. Also, there are people, who can repair your house and barricades. If you will play hard enough to balance the attack and defence forces, you will be a hero. So, be ready to take the most impossible and awesome challenge.

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