Earn to die 3 – The end is near

Welcome to the aboard of the adventure, which is guiding us into the most dangerous place in the world. This is Texas. You are in the desert, which is hazardous and full with the zombies. So, do you already have a motivation to play? Then, let me tell you the more about this extraordinary scenario. Your main character is the guy, who is trying to escape from this madness. But, his helicopter is out of fuel and there is only one way to get out of this place. The road, which is conquered by the zombie beasts and marvelous barricades. So, if you are interested, let me tell you about the way to go through this crazy staff all by yourself.

earn to die

First of all, the only hope to survive here is to be fast. The coolest racing cars and military trucks are the right choice in this situation, right? But, you have to earn the price of it first. There is a garage, where you can find a three different car. But, they need a new tires, a lot of amount of fuel and other equipment to go through the zombie barricades. To get this stuff, you have to earn the money.


To do so, you have the main mission to complete. The road is full with a mysterious barricades, which appears on your way and you need to go through this. Also, you have to drive over zombies and it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Because, this game has some different type of monsters for you. Like, there are runner zombies, who will chase you and slow you down with jumping on your car. So, you have to be fast to run away from them. For that, you can use a boost, which will help you to fly over them.

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