Earn to Die 4 – Defend your honor

Well, the most tremendous survival game has a new version and we can enjoy it for free.  I’m so glad about that news. Because, this is the game, which are giving us the opportunity to be a racer and zombie killer at the same time. Also, zombie game Earn to Die 4 will entertain you with more intense scenario of the game. Like, here you have to be a real war hero and fight against the zombies. But, this isn’t everything. You can build a car, which will destroy a magnificent barricade with a machine gun. How awesome does this sound, hah?

Above all, this game has a really interesting scenario. The story of this game takes place in the worst desert. The zombies are everywhere and unlike the previous game, they are not a just soldiers. Yep, they will chase you too and hunt your car down. When the runner zombie will jump on your vehicle, it will slow you down. Also, that will burn more fuel than usual. Sol, you have to be fast and smart. If you’ll play hard enough, you will be able to use all fun toys. Like, you can unlock a machine gun and the rocket boost.

Earn to Die 4 has a really simple but a difficult main mission. You need to complete the road as fast as you can. But, you need to get a right vehicle to do that. You can choose a between three cars. At the start, they are all broken and out of fuel. Because of that, upgrading your car is a key of this game. You have to buy a better engine and bigger wheels to go further on the road. Also, you need a good weapon on the top of your truck to kill the zombies on your way. The more you play, the more awesome stuff you’ll see.

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