Free running 7 – Jump! now!

Welcome, guys! I’m so excited about the great new game and want to tell you a lot about it. First of all, it’s called a Free running 7 and it is a advanced version of the most awesome running game. Oh about that. If you don’t know already, this game series has the highest army of fans all over the globe. The reason of this is simple. Here you can see the coolest and beautiful 3D world. Also, the marvelous gameplay and versatile sound system. But, you have to be careful. This game is so addictive that, you can play it all day long.


First of all, let me tell you about the scenario of this new game. It’s about a new guy, who needs to be a part of the Parkour Clan. To do so, you have to complete the most dangerous missions of all time. Like, there is a task, where you have to jump from one roof to another and slide down without fall. But, this isn’t only problem on your way. You have to fight ¬†against the weather and with your insticts. The reason of this is that, sometimes you have a choice to make a turn and run with a different course.

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The most awesome thing in this game is still a gameplay. Your main mission is to run as fast as you can and finish the race in time. But, to do so, you also need to think fast. Because, there is so many new detail and upgrade in this version. Like, you have to face an explosive surface on your road and more fragile things. Also, the best detail in this game is a weather. You’ll need to run in the snow and maybe at the rainy roof in the next round. But, it’s really hard too.

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