Gun Mayhem – Destructive weapons and pirates!

Welcome to the world, where everything is possible in the flash game. So, I want to show you the greatest thing ever created in this flash universe. The Gun Mayhem is the best shooter and it will definitely blow your mind in a second. The reason of this is simple. The developers of this game have created the whole new set of realistic battlefield and fill it with the most awesome ¬†weapon arsenal. But, this isn’t everything. Here you will see a very interesting and extraordinary scenario, which has ultimate game modes to explore it. Let me tell you more about the coolest missions of this game.


At first, Let’s talk about the main and most important game mode of Gun Mayhem. The Challenge mode will take you into the galaxy and in the deep ocean at the same time. How crazy does this sound? Really cool, right? but there is more. This mode will give you 20 different types of mission, where you have to face the most dangerous enemies in the world. Like, each map is a whole new dimension of hazardous entertainment. You may have to fight against the crazy pirate captain and face the ghost at the same time.

The most amazing thing in this new shooter is a gameplay. Of course it has the beautiful graphic and awesome audio effects, but the game engine is the best stuff here. It will give you the opportunity to use the destructive weapons against the old fashioned pirate captain and also kill the aliens with a crossbow. Here you can choose a perk of the super power for your character too. Like, you can have an infinite amount of ammo or the power to jump really high. It’s really challenging and interesting, so try it by yourself and you will be amazed.

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