Papa louie 2 – Cooking madness

Are you ready to play the most advanced game with new fighting modes and weapons? then you are reading a right topic. Flipline studio developers have made a really awesome new game. This is the second version of the most extraordinary game. But, here you can play it with a modern contemporary texture and gameplay. Also, there isn’t any bug.


Unlike the first game, your map is concealed here. The reason of this is that. Every round of Papa louie 2 is a piece of art. So, you need to explore it one by one. So, when you accomplish one cool mission, you’ll get another. But, if you do that with the highest point, you’ll get the cooler task to do.

If you aren’t playing it already, then let me tell you about the scenario. The storyline of this game has so many plot twists. Your main character is a one ordinary chief, who needs to help his coworkers. But, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Because, you need to go in the magic food world, where every fruit and vegetable is alive. Of course, every one of them is against you.

Papa louie 2 is really extraordinary game, because it has such a marvelous monster. Like, the most important villain in this game is a tomato. It can send a potato solders to kill you. Also, there is a food birds, who is trying to eat you. But, you have an awesome gun to fight against them too. To get them, you need to go further and further. When you unlock the new character, you’ll get the new weapon with him.

Every warrior in this game has a different type of gun and ability. So, your main mission is to choose the best weapon and kill every enemy with it. By that, you will rescue your teammates and be a hero. So, good luck with that.


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