Papa Louie 3 – Burgers are Alive!

This is unbelievable, guys! The most extraordinary dreams and fantasies are real in this game and it’s so cool. The most awesome way to kill the free time is this game and we can play it for free. First of all, if you don’t know already, Papa Louie 3 is the new freshly released version of the coolest cooking game ever. But, this isn’t the ordinary one. Here you have to fight for your restaurant and your enemies aren’t the ordinary soldier either. You need to defeat the potatoe army and the evil vegetable king to rescue your friends. How crazy does this sounds, huh?


At first, let me tell you the scenario of this game and then i will talk about the new features. First of all, your main character is the guy, who needs to fight for his coworkers. They are in the cage of the evil mastermind vegetable king. So, you have to go through the magic forest, where every food and vegetables are alive and trying to kill you. The most hideous monster is the burger, which has a three lives and you have to kill it with the three shot. So, be careful. Now, about the new features.


Above all, this game has a whole new set of characters and different type of achievement system. So, once you will rescue one of your coworkers, you can use him as a new main character. Each one of them has a new advanced abilities too. Like, if you want, there is the possibility to choose a guy, who can fly. But, there are the characters, who have an ability to shoot some magic things from their hand. In my opinion, they are better to have fun in this game. So, unlock more and more awesome things in every round and you will definitely be amazed.

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