Papa Louie – A whole new level of cooking game

This game will show you that, it’s really hard to have a high class restaurant. At first, I thought that this was an another ordinary cooking game, but then I was satisfied. The Papa Louie are the whole new level of fun and entertainment and it will show you the crazy world of cooking. Here you will see the most awesome dreams and ideas come true by the dangerous way. Papa Louie is a game about fighting against the food monsters and trust me, there are some various beasts, who will kill you with pleasure. Be ready to see the craziest stuff in the universe.


This game is nothing like other cooking games. You will be amazed by the gameplay and graphic of the new features here. Like, you can use a whole new and different characters in each round. But, to do so, you have to unlock them with a fight. There is only one problem. Your opponents are not some ordinary warriors. You have to face the evilest food. Yeap, you heard it right. The all food and vegetables are alive and they are trying to kill you. The Evil king of potatoes is really angry and he will try everything to get you.


The gameplay of this game is really cool. You have to travel through the epic forest. It is full with different type of crazy creatures. Like, you need to go through the army of flying oranges and etc. But, don’t worry. You have some incredibly awesome stuff in your arsenal too. Once you unlock a new character, you can use their abilities to fight harder. Like, you can get an ability of flying and shooting the magic balls. So, if you are brave enough to face this coolest challenge, this game is definitely for you.

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