Papa’s Freezeria – Cooking paradise

Welcome to the Paradise island. This is the place, where the real magic is happening. Yep, the most awesome game series is back. Now, you can play with the whole new dimension of fun. The reason of that is this. The Papa’s Freezeria is a freshly released game. It’s a based on a real life of cook chief. The developers have put a lot of effort to create a beautiful and realistic design. Also, there is a really interesting plot twist for you to accomplish. But, it’s not as easy game as it looks at first round.

The storyline of this game literally takes place in a wonderful world. Your main character is a guy, who was betrayed by his boss. So, you are the only one, who works in the Papa’s Freezeria. Because of that, everyday you have to make freeze for a more and more tourist. To do so, you have an amazing staff at the cafe and kitchen. Like, there is a three section, where you can use a cool mixer and etc.

When you’ll get the order, it’s time to go in the kitchen and make some awesome food. First of all, the awesome gameplay of this game has some extra points for you. If you work well enough with the sundae machine in the first section, you’ll get the coin. Also, there are other tasks, which will give you extra coins, like pouring sprinkles and etc.

If you will work hard enough, your guy will be promoted. This means that, you’ll get the chance to discover more awesome things in this game. There is a cool shop, where you can buy a clothes for your character. Also, with tips and extra coins, you can decorate a cafe. Every new day, there will be a new customer, so be ready and good luck.


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