Papa’s Pastaria – Playing with master chief

Passstas! Nobody in the world can reject the pastas, because the italian soul diffuse the whole planet. Now, you have your pastaria, where you are the master chief of cooking, who makes the most magnificent meal for his clients. Papas pastaria is so realistic that you even use the spoon to whop the pasta. Each new day is for something new in this game. You can be promote too. Every mission recuires from you to make some tifferent type of foo. Everyday you may have a new type of pasta for your customers. This is so interesting to make pastas so many different types and ways. Also, you need to decorate them with tomatoes and etc. Be careful while you are cooking, because its not easy to accomplish all customers wishes at the same time. But, you still need to complete mission in time. You can take four orders at the same time. They will become the large mass, if you will not work good enough.

Your pastaria has various kitchen ingredients for your clients. There are four different room in your restaurant too. Order, Cook, Build and Bread station. Yes, you must serv toasted bread with your meal, too. Its important to follow the order correctly, because it’s the main goal in this game.


Cooking the pasta has own rules in the Papa’s Pastaria. Customers will rate you by points. You must be near the 100 all the time! Its depends on your work in each station of your kichen. Its so amusing challenge that you become impatient, for being the better pasta cooker and even be a chief cook. Meanwhile, tour work will be rewarded by the tips, which are left by VIP clients. Can you run the pastaria like the great restaurant manager? Play and test yourself, enjoy your work and achieve the perfection. Good luck!

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