Papa’s Wingeria 3 – Cook with best chief in the world

Papa’s Wingeria 3 doesn’t require from you any wise decisions, but you have to be fast and smart enough here. First of all, let me tell you about the game series of this cooking madness. Papa’s Wingeria 3 is a third and in my opinion, the best version of the most famous cooking game. Here you’ll see the best and realistic details of the restaurant business. Also, the interesting storyline of this game will blow your mind with so many plot twist and excellent scenario. But, first you need to discover every new feature, which makes this game a best one to have fun with it.

The gameplay of this game will give you the hardest mission to accomplish. You need to take a chair of the boss in the best restaurant of the Magic City. It’s not as easy as it sounds at the first glance. Because, your main mission will require from you to serve so many clients in time. But, as a reward, Papa’s Wingeria 3 will give you some extraordinary achievements and other promotions. To get this, you need to work hard and open restaurant at the right time. To get promoted, you have to serve food to VIP clients too.


To do so, your restaurant has a three different station of the kitchen. The first room is to choose a right amount of wings for your order. After that, in the second room, you have so many different type of sauce. Each client wans their favorite type of sauce, so you have to choose it carefully. Also, the last station is a really important place. Here you need to put the food on the play with a beautiful design. This will give you some extra points and tips from the customers and VIP clients too. Good luck and have fun.

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