Papa’s wingeria – Serve the gods

Welcome people, today I want to tell you about some family game. It’s so hard to find a really good cooking game. So, I went through the internet and found the Papa’s wingeria. In my opinion, it is the best game to do magical things in kitchen. At first, the gameplay of this thing will definitely makes you addicted to play more and more. Unlock the new levels and have fun until the last round. But, this isn’t as easy as it seems at the first glance. The reason of that is simple. This game has the most realistic scenario and gameplay, which makes you addicted to play more too.

The scenario of this game takes place in the Starlight city. It’s a place, where you have to work as an owner of the cafe. It’s called Papa’s wingeria and everyday you’ll get the more and more customers. So, you have to serve them what they want. Each one has a different taste in food. Also, the individuals are giving you the orders about the plate design too.

To make food for your customers, there is a three station. The first one is a fry station. This place is for cook your wings. When you will drug wing bin in the fryer, you choose how many wings do you want to cook. After frying is finished, you have to go into the sauce station. There is a different type of sauces to cover your wings. But, the most important station in this game is the last one. The build station is to build your plate with the favorite design of your customer. Also, there you can add some dips to your wings.

To get the points from the client, you have to do everything exactly as it is in the order. This will help you to buy some new clothes and equipment for your character. So, have fun.


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