Running fred 2 – Death is coming

Welcome to the game, where every fear and danger is all together to freak you out. Yeap, in this game, you will see every weapon and extraordinary way of death is on your way to stop you. How crazy does it sound? But, the scenario of this new game is more awesome and craziest at the same time. First of all, Running Fred 2 is a second version of the most incredible running game. It has a lot of amount of new features and a whole advance set of the achievement system. It will definitely blow your mind with its coolest tools.


The most important thing in this game is to stay alive, no matter what. But, this is the literally impossible mission, despite that how easy it sounds. Why? The reason of this is simple. The god of death is┬áchasing you down all by himself and what can be more dangerous than that? Well, actually there are a few things. Like, your road to escape this madness is full with weapons and traps. The walls and floor are covered with a different type of dangerous items, who will shoot and cut your guy in a second. But, don’t worry, your character has some crazy abilities too.


First of all, your main character is a really fast. He can run on the walls too. But, your main hope to survive is the majestic shop. When you earn enough money, you can buy a new equipment there. Like, you can buy a whole new set of armor, which will give you more health and etc. Also, there are too many jumping traps here, so you can increase your jumping ability to jump higher. But, you still have to play hard to don’t die. Every round is a whole new place and adventure. Have fun.

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