Running Fred 3 – Run is only option

Sometimes the only way to survive is to go through a hell. Literally, the hell. This game will definitely show you the definition of this sentence. I have a pleasure to introduce you the most awesome new game. Running Fred 3 is a whole new advanced version of the best running game. Yep, the new most dangerous challenge is here and waiting for you to step into the marvelous madness once again. But, are you ready to go through the dangerous road, where everything is trying to kill you? Even the wall. Well, in my opinion, this is the best way to kill a free time and have fun.


First of all, let me tell you about the extraordinary scenario of this game. Your main character is a soldier, who wants to destroy the hell and he is in the big trouble. Because, the death god wants to kill him it is chasing you down. So, your main mission is to run away from the death god, but the running out from his place isn’t the easy task. Your road is full with the hideous traps and a lot of amount of other dangerous things, which is trying to blow you up or cut you.


The marvelous arsenal of weapons in this game will blow your mind. Literally, because every one of them is trying to kill you. Like, there are rounds, where you have to go through the sword tunnel or dynamite field. But, the most dangerous staff are the weapons, which is shooting. So, each round is full with the different type of hazardous things and you have to go through this hell all by yourself. But, your guy can run on the walls and jump a really high too. So, you have to be very careful, because only one wrong step and you will be dead.

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