Strike force heroes 2 – Shooter lover’s dream game

What’s up guys, i have a big surprise for you. I’m so excited, because there is a new second version of the most awesome shooting game. Strike force heroes 2 has so many new details and cool stuff. That game’s graphic gave me a goosebumps, because it’s so beautiful. There are new backgrounds, new gun skins and etc. Each map has different design and structure. Also, you can enjoy with so many cool soundtracks. But, as always, this game is best because its gameplay. Strike force heroes 2 will give you a marvelous missions to accomplish. Be ready, the earth’s future is in your hand again.



First of all, i’m in love with this game’s storyline. It’s about a hero, who was an ordinary scientist, but the war makes him a soldier. So, you’ll start playing as a rookie. The cool part starts there, because you need to choose your soldier’s class. At first, I was so nervous about choosing between 5 different soldiers. The reason of that is simple, each one has such an awesome equipment and skill. So, I wanted to play with all of them and this game give me this opportunity too. You can change your soldier’s class between the rounds. It’s so crazy, doesn’t it? Yeah.

Obviously, the main mission in this game is to kill your enemy. But, there you can modify your gun too. In the market, you can buy new weapons, equipment to upgrade your shooting range and etc. The modes of this game are so amazing. The Campaign mode has breathtaking tasks to complete. Also, you can play a deadly challenge, where every new task has so intense situations for you. Like, you can play with destructive weapons and be invisible. I was very satisfied with the first game, but this version is way better.




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