Strike force heroes 3 – New equipment for the war

Strike force heroes 3 is a whole new version of the best shooting game in my experience. The Strike force heroes 1 and Strike force heroes 2 was the most awesome games in the history of the flash gaming. But, the developers of this game series have put a lot of effort to make something incredibly awesome engine for the third game. In my opinion, they did it really well, because you will be addicted to this game in a second. So, let me tell you about the differences and new modern texture, which makes this game a really cool thing to have a fun with.

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First of all, the achievement system in this game is really advanced unlike the previous game. Here, you have to use your best shooting skills and make wise tactic decisions to get promoted. Let me explain this to you more clearly. First of all, your main mission here is to destroy the base of the terrorists. To do so, you need some serious arsenal of the weapons. To unlock destructive gun and other awesome things, you need to complete some intense mission at first. So, if you play hard enough, you’ll get a big toys to have a fun with it.

The gameplay of this game will give you a five choice of a playing style. You can play with a stealth mode. To do so, you can choose a sniper soldier and kill people from the long range. But, in my opinion, other playing strategy is more fun. Like, you can play as a high profile military general. He has some extraordinary skills to kill people in the close-range battles with one shot. Also, you can choose a different type of main character for each round. So, don’t be shy and use this magnificent opportunity as much as you can.

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