Strike Force Heroes 4 – Conquer the galaxy!

Welcome to the most dangerous place of our galaxy! This is the greatest return of the most beautiful shooting game series with the new flash version. Strike Force Heroes 4 will challenge you with the ultimate awesomeness and intense missions at the same time. First of all, there you can’t see any bug or a boring detail. This game is pure epicness with its coolest storyline and incredibly marvelous characters. They will definitely amaze you with their details and backstory too. Yeap, here you will see a five different main character with five different story. This is the craziest detail of this new game.

Strike Force Heroes 4 will show you a whole different world unlike the previous games. Here you will see the most hideous creatures of the galaxy and the beautiful background behind them. But, this coolness comes with a great price too. The gameplay of this game will challenge you with the most intense situations and missions. So, your battlefield will be a bloody and full with marvelous opponents. Are you ready to step into this hell and find the right people to defend them? Then, let me tell you a more about the storyline of this awesome game.

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The scenario of the Strike Force Heroes 4 takes place at the base of the galaxy scientists. This place is under attack and your main mission is to defend it with all of your power. But, this isn’t everything. If you will fight a good enough, the leader of the elite soldier squad will choose you as his new partner. So, after that, your main character will go in the war against the clone army. This is the craziest scenario I have ever seen. Choose one from the five bravest soldier and this game will drive you crazy too. Good luck with that.

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