The Impossible Quiz – brain is dead

Welcome guys, I want to tell you about the most awesome brain teaser – The Impossible Quiz. At first, I have to tell you that, there is so much violence in this game. So, if you are ready to see the magic of angryness, then follow me into this madness. The most important change in this game is that, there is no music. So, you have to deal with so many trick questions in silence. But, there are so cool sound effects, which will definitely drive you crazy. Also, every question is a new way to have fun. Let’s discover more about this awesome game.

First of all, the game engine of The Impossible Quiz isn’t ordinary as other game’s gameplay. The reason of this is simple. You can’t see any ordinary question here. There isn’t even a math questions or something like this. You have to use a common sense and deal this tricky questions with logic here. The developers of this game have put a lot of effort and created a really funny graphics for this game. Like, you’ll see the most annoying and colorful animals and decorations too. So, let’s step into this marvelous world.

The Impossible Quiz has a three category of questions. You’ll get them with no order. So, some questions are easy to answer with a laugh. But, sometimes you have to deal with a questions, which doesn’t even have an answer. In this case, you don’t have to find a correct answer. You just need to find a key of the tricky part of the question. There is a questions, where you need to help animals to evolve or find a hidden word on the screen. Also, you’ll get an opportunity to skip a difficult question. But, you need to answer a hard questions first to get a power to skip.

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