Zombotron 2 – Conquer the zombie planet

Welcome to the post, where you will read about the extremely cool and most famous shooting game. This is the best survival style game i have ever seen, but it’s in the shooting genre. The reason of this is simply awesome. Zombotron 2 has an interesting scenario of the best survival game and it’s mixed with the marvelous shooting game engine. This is creating a brilliantly magnificent gameplay, which will definitely drive you crazy. if this doesn’t make you addicted to play Zombotron 2 and finished it, it has other cool features. So, sit tight and get ready to read about the most dangerous adventure in your life.


The main storyline of this game is a next chapter of the scenario from the first game. Your main character is still a brave soldier, who is trying to save the humankind. To do so, he has an extremely dangerous mission. The mission to conquer a new planet. But, it’s really hard and you need to use your best shooting skills. To complete the missions in this game, your main job is to kill zombies and enemy soldiers too. It’s not a boring job. Because, the awesome gameplay of this game will reward you with the marvelous gun arsenal.


The main mission of this game is to be a sneaky and kill everyone on your way. To do this in a entertain way, you can buy a new gun in every round. But, to do so, you have to gain a money. For that, you need to kill the every kind of zombie. Also, the planet is already conquered by the alien soldiers. They are ready to kill every moving thing on the planet, including you and zombies too. So, let’s focus on the upgrading your weapon and be ready to kill the hazardous beast.

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