Zombotron – Zombies in the galaxy

This is it guys. This is the greatest day in the flash gaming. The developers have created the most awesome shooting game of all time and we can play it for free. It’s called Zombotron and it is about the most exciting thing in the apocalypse. The zombies! You have to fight against the zombie army here, but not an ordinary way. The storyline of this game isn’t like the other games, where you just have to kill some monsters. Here you need to play with some strategy. Also, you will be amazed with the gameplay and graphic of this cool game.

img class=”size-medium wp-image-164 aligncenter” src=”http://baby-shower-games.us/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/120709.01.zombotron-utolso-palya-vegigjatszasa-min-300×240.jpg” alt=”120709.01.zombotron-utolso-palya-vegigjatszasa-min” width=”300″ height=”240″ />


What can be better than fight against the zombies with your girlfriend? Well, this game will give you this amazing chance. The scenario of this game takes place in to the galaxy far away. Your main character is a space soldier, who is on his way to home. But, the rocket is out of fuel and you need to land on a strange planet. It’s infected with a some misteryous disease. There is a zombies everywhere, but you have to go deep and find a fuel for your transport. This isn’t as easy as it seems and the reason of this will amaze you.



Unlike the other games, here you can’t win with just killing zombies. Your main mission is to fight against this monsters, but meanwhile you have to destroy the base of enemy soldiers. To do so, there is an another character, a girl who can help and you need to use this. But, the soldier need a good equipment to do missions like this. Because of that, you have a really cool shop at the finish point of every round, where you can buy a new weapon or upgrade your default gun. You have to buy a ammo too, because you’ll need a lot of them in this game.


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